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The task.

Powermat is the ultimate way to stay charged while on the go. Download the Powermat App to switch on any Powermat Charging Spot & be directed to more than 1400 wireless charging locations in coffee shops, restaurants, universities, and other public venues. You can find Powermat locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, Tallahassee and London UK.

Use the Powermat App to switch on any Powermat Charging Spot. The app will notify you when your battery is low, and will direct you to the nearest location with Powermat Charging Spots. The app also allows you to connect with your favorite venues and receive in-store offers.

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The design.

The design followed a rugged vibe where a major portion of the ad spend was located was the 5 boroughs of NYC. The neon green brand insinuated power.

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iPhone App

The iPhone app displayed power times for functions like video, talk, music, wifi & 3G. It also included a social feed and a product catalogue.

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